Fintech Chair

Four main axes

With the aim of helping to develop knowledge in the fields of fintech and digital finance, Université Paris Dauphine-PSL and its Fondation, along with founding partners Mazarsand Crédit Agricole CIB, have created the Fintech & Digital Finance Chair. 

Among the many questions raised by the emergence of financial technologies, and reflecting the digitalization of finance, this chair will focus on four main themes

  • the business model of digital finance and the role of finance-centered platforms and ecosystems (with a particular focus on the contribution of blockchain and cryptocurrencies); 
  • regulation, ethics, and cybersecurity; 
  • corporate financing, i.e. new marketplaces (e.g. crowdfunding) and new funding methods (e.g. ICO and tokens); 
  • and the sustainability of digital finance, as well as the ethical questions it raises. 

A pool of high-level experts (researchers, science committee members, PhD students, etc.) is available to expand on these themes through three types of action: research, education, and promotion. 

Stakeholders in the world of fintech will be invited to the chair's various activities so that they may foster reflection, share expertise, and contribute to various projects


Hervé Alexandre- Director of the Fintech Chair

Narjisse Hannache-Heurteloup - Project Manager of the Fintech Chair


Working Paper Serie

  • Chemla, G., & Tinn, K., "How wise are crowds on crowdfunding platforms ?". Handbook of Alternative Finance. Consulter l’article


  • Chemla, G., & Tinn, K. (2020). "Learning through crowdfunding". Management Science, 66(5), 1783-1801.

Supported projects

The Economic Feasibility of Proof-of-Stake Consensus Protocols Fully Implemented by Smart Contracts  
He Zhiguo University of Chicago 
Li Jiasun George Mason University

Fostering sustainable, inclusive and impact finance through crowdfunding        
Cumming Douglas.     Florida Atlantic University
Vismara Silvio University of Bergamo

Discrimination in Machine-Learning Credit Scoring: from Detection to Mitigation 
Perignon Christophe HEC
Hurlin Christophe Université d’Orléans

Digital Platforms and the Real Economy: Business Growth, Entrepreneurship, Minority Inclusion, and Crisis Response
Cong Lin William Cornell University
Ponticelli Jacopo Northwestern University
Zhang Xiaobo Peking University

Channel cost minimization in the Lightning Network and its implications for the network structure  
Huberman Gur Columbia Business School
Guasoni Paolo Dublin City University
Shikhelman Clara Chaincode Lab

Environmental Sustainability and Cryptocurrency Growth: Maintaining a Relation Between the Devil and the Deep Sea  
Yarovaya Larisa University  of Southampton
Matkovskyy Roman Rennes School of Business
Jalan Akanksha Rennes School of Business
Mishra Tapas University  of Southampton

Crowdfunding and sustainable finance: A cooperative games approach  
Beal Sylvain Universite de Franche-Comté
Deschamps Marc Universite de Franche-Comté
Refait-Alexandre Catherine Universite de Franche-Comté

Token Trading in Decentralized Markets  
Lehar Alfred University of Calgary 
Parlour Christine Berkeley University

Academic conferences

Paris Blockchain week

Paris Décembre Finance Meeting 

Young Finance Scolars Conference de Sussex University 

Symposium on Money, Banking and Finance à Besançon 

Award for the best fintech-themed article


Training and Entrepreneurship


Funding for Fintech Courses at Université Paris Dauphine - PSL

 Master's in Banking and Finance - Université Paris Dauphine -  PSL

  • Fintech (Creation of Virtual Fintech) led by Mikael Ptachek (Bizao) 
  • Banks' Digital Strategy led by Véronique McCarroll (Orange Bank) 
  • Venture Capital led by Alexandre Ikeni (Nor Capital) and Théophile Basser (Entrepreneur Venture) 
  • Blockchain, ICO, and Crypto Assets (Marianne Tordeux; France Digitale) 

Master's in Finance - Dauphine Tunis

  • Digital Banks and Fintech led by Hervé Alexandre 


The chair supports key events in fintech, including Paris Blockchain Week and the Cosmos/Tendermint Hackathon, helping to organize competitions that enable support for innovative projects as they launch their operations. 

The chair also partners with the Paris Dauphine incubator to assist Master's recipients in developing and financing their fintech projects.