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François Belot is Professor of Corporate Finance at Université Paris-Dauphine and a member of the DRM-Finance research team. He works in the areas of corporate governance, with a focus on boards of directors, employee involvement in governance, separation of ownership and control and forms of shareholding, in particular family control. He currently heads the academic Master program “Insurance and risk management” (Master 218).

Latest publications


Jaskiewicz P., BELOT F., Combs J., Boutron E., Barrédy C. (2024), When Do Shareholder Agreements Add Value? Mitigating Superprincipal-Agency Conflicts in Family Firms, Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice

BELOT F., Waxin T. (2024), Government awards to CEOs, Journal of Business Finance and Acounting, p. 1-39

BELOT F., Ginglinger E., Starks L. (2023), Encouraging long-term shareholders: The effects of loyalty shares with double voting rights, Finance, vol. Vol. 45, n°1, p. 3-61

BELOT F., Ginglinger E. (2022), Introductions en Bourse : les droits de vote multiple sont-ils nécessaires à l’attractivité d’une place financière, Opinions et débats, n°26

BELOT F., Waxin T. (2022), Mandatory employee board representation: Good news for family firms?, International Review of Law and Economics, vol. 71, p. 106084

BELOT F., Waxin T. (2021), Family Control, Stock Price Levels, and Stock Split Activity, Finance, vol. 42, n°1, p. 155-219

BELOT F., Serve S. (2018), Earnings Quality in Private SMEs: Do CEO Demographics Matter?, Journal of Small Business Management, vol. 56, p. 323-344

BELOT F., Waxin T. (2017), Labor Conflicts in French Workplaces: Does (the Type of) Family Control Matter?, Journal of Business Ethics, vol. 146, n°3, p. 591-617

BELOT F., Ginglinger E., Slovin M., Sushka M. (2014), Freedom of choice between unitary and two-tier boards: An empirical analysis, Journal of Financial Economics, vol. 112, n°3, p. 364-385

BELOT F., Ginglinger E. (2013), Rendre compte de la rémunération des dirigeants. Qu’attendre du say on pay ?, Revue française de gestion, vol. 39, n°237, p. 57-71

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