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Roger Tristan

Assistant Professor
Phone : +33144054490
Office : P606
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Latest publications


Fontaine P., Roger T. (2020), A re-examination of analysts' differential target price forecasting ability, Finance, vol. 41, n°1, p. 53-95

Roger T. (2018), The coverage assignments of financial analysts, Accounting and Business Research, vol. 48, n°6, p. 651-673

Roger T., Roger P., Schatt A. (2018), Behavioral bias in number processing: Evidence from analysts’ expectations, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, vol. 149, p. 315-331

Roger T. (2017), Reporting errors in the I/B/E/S earnings forecast database: J. Doe vs. J. Doe, Finance Research Letters, vol. 20, p. 170-176

Roger P., Roger T., Schatt A. (2017), Idiosyncratic volatility and nominal stock prices: evidence from approximate factor structures, Finance Bulletin, vol. 1, n°1, p. 30-45

Pfiffelmann M., Roger T., Bourachnikova O. (2016), When Behavioral Portfolio Theory Meets Markowitz Theory, Economic Modelling, vol. 53, p. 419-435

Roger T., Merli M. (2013), What drives the herding behavior of individual investors?, Finance, vol. 34, n°3, p. 67-104

Chapitres d'ouvrage

Dargnies M-P., Gresse C., Roger T., Simon A. (2017), Robert J. Shiller. l’exubérance irrationnelle des marchés, in Michel Albouy et Gérard Charreaux, Les grands auteurs en finance, Colombelles (Calvados): EMS - Editions Management et Sociétés, p. 603-626

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