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Gruen Adèle

PSL Junior Professor
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Adèle Gruen is a Junior Professor at the University Paris Dauphine - PSL, where she holds a Chair in Management and Ecological Transition. Adele’s research interests are grounded in consumer culture, where she explores consumer lifestyles at the boundaries between consumption and work. For instance, she looks at new ways of working, coworking spaces, remote work, and productive third places (i.e. cafés or pubs that attract flexible workers to work for the day) and how they blend work with consumption (experiential aspects, hominess, leisure, wellbeing) and lead to more sufficient lifestyles. Further, she looks at sharing-economy services (i.e. car sharing) and how they build relationships with consumers (attachment, trust). Her research has been published in the Journal of Service Research and the Journal of Marketing Management

Latest publications


Mimoun L., GRUEN A. (2021), Customer Work Practices and the Productive Third Place, Journal of Service Research, vol. 24, n°4, p. 563-581

GRUEN A. (2017), Design and the creation of meaningful consumption practices in access-based consumption, Journal of Marketing Management, vol. 33, n°3-4, p. 226-243

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