About us

The DRM Finance team brings together DRM researchers who are conducting theoretical and empirical research in financial markets, asset pricing, banking, microstructure, behavioural finance, corporate finance, and financial accounting. It has 27 members.

The team’s activities include a research seminar regularly held on Thursdays, doctoral seminars, and active links with several chairs. Theme-specific research days with an international scope, such as the Workshop in Corporate Finance, Dauphine Workshops in Microstructure and the Annual Hedge Fund and Private Equity Research Conferences, are also held regularly. The unit’s researchers get the chance to present their work to a wider audience of professionals working in finance as part of a regular exclusive feature published in the weekly Option Finance. Some of the research studies give rise to expert scientific reports submitted to regulatory bodies (AMF, ANC, ESMA, etc.).

Key events in the life of the team from 2012 to 2017

Research initiatives and events in connection with other DRM sections

  • Creation of the Centre for Real Estate Management by Arnaud Simon and Fabrice Larceneux (ERMES) in 2015.

  • Mixed conference involving academics and professionals organised together with the Conseil Général de l’Economie, addressing the theme of blockchains (Université Paris-Dauphine, November 2016), hosted by the Governance and Regulation chair

International research days

  • Annual Hedge Fund Research Conference, held annually in January.

  • Annual conferences run by the Amundi Chair in Asset management up to 2016.

  • 1st and 2nd Dauphine Microstructure Workshops in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

  • Paris Spring Corporate Finance Conference held in May 2012.

  • Workshop in Corporate Finance held on 2 June 2016.

New ANR grants and other research funding

  • “Multirisk” ANR funding for 2016-2019.

  • “Ghost” ANR funding for a collaborative research project accredited by the Finance Innovation competitiveness cluster, on high-frequency trading and ghost liquidity, with H. Degryse (KU Leuven), R. De Winne (UCL) and R. Payne (Cass Business School).

  • FUI grant: “Modelling and managing fund liabilities”

  • PSL grant: “Women on boards of directors”

  • Three research grants secured from the Institut Europlace de Finance

New chairs

  • ARDIAN research chair on Private Equity.

  • MIMO research initiative (modelling the integration of the oil seed markets), 2016-2021.


  • Eser Arisoy awarded the 2016 Crowell Third Prize by PanAgora Asset Management. Semi-finalist in the category for the best Investment article at the FMA conference in 2015.

  • Marius Zoican awarded the 2016 De La Vega Prize by the Federation of European Securities Exchanges.

  • Tristan Roger finalist in the 2015 Hillcrest Behavioral Finance Best Paper Award.

  • Thomas David and Edith Ginglinger awarded the Prix Eurofidai for the best article in corporate finance: “When cutting dividends is not bad news: The case of optional stock dividends”, Journal of Corporate Finance, 40, 174–191.

  • Delphine Lautier received an award from the ETF research academy, along with R. Lambinet and B. Villeneuve, in 2016 for their research project entitled "Exchange Traded Products and the price discovery function of commodity futures markets".