Paul Andriot

PHD student - DRM-ERMES

Title: «Perceived quality of the buildings in the Paris office market»

Paul is graduated of a master degree in real estate property valuation and regional planning, he realized a part of his studies in Quebec (CA). He also had an experience as analyst with a real estate broker. Today he is a PhD student in CIFRE (french convention for industrial research) with Real Quality Rating. This company produce analysis tools for real estate funds and owners. Paul ANDRIOT is preparing his PhD in Management Sciences on the of the perceived quality of the office buildings, logistics and retail in major European cities.

This thesis is supervied by Pr. Denis GUIOT (DRM-ERMES) and Arnaud Simon, Senior Lecturer – Maitre de conférences, with habilitation to direct theses (DRM-FINANCE). This research proposes a methodology based on the idea that the quality of a real estate asset is not given objectively. But, it is the result of the judgment made by all the actors. This methodology is based on the principles of Fishbein & Ajzen's theory of reasoned action in economic psychology and (1975) also on approaches to the perception of quality applied to real estate, in particular the Building Quality Assessment (BQA) approach, which attempts to identify the needs of different groups in order to determine what the quality is and what is not, the TOBUS methodology, which aims to develop a tool for evaluating office buildings and simulating a balance sheet and then, the BPRT approach, which aims to detect the presence of health risks for the safety of users of the building.

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