Saadallah Zaiter


Title: «Trois essais sur les sociétés immobilières cotées en Europe»

Saadallah is a Ph.D. candidate in Real Estate Finance at Paris-Dauphine University. Prior to arriving at Paris-Dauphine, he earned a master’s degree in Law from Lebanese University and a master’s degree in Finance from Panthéon-Sorbonne University. He also worked as a market risk analyst at HSBC while he was studying for a master’s degree in Asset management at Paris-Dauphine University. He visited Gerogia-State University as a research scholar and he is currently an assitant teacher at Paris-Dauphine University. He is currently writing a dissertation in Management Science on the european listed real estate companies.

This thesis is supervised by Pr. Alain Coën (University of Québec in Montréal) and Arnaud Simon, Maître de conférences HDR (DRM-Finance). The objective of this research is to measure the evolution of the correlation links before listed real estate companies and the common stock market in order to better understand diversification potential of these real estate companies. He also seeks to understand the impact of monetary policy on the stock prices.

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