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The Management & Organisation research team is interested in the theme of organisations and organised collective action. Using a cross-disciplinary approach and analysing spaces of freedom within organisations as well as routine dynamics, they draw on the social sciences (anthropology, economics, psychology and sociology in particular), while at the same time developing theoretical perspectives on management. At the beginning of 2017, the team included 32 doctoral students, 13 lecturers (maîtres de conférences), 5 of whom are qualified to supervise research, 7 professors, 1 contractual professor, 3 emeritus professors, and 1 CNRS researcher. From 2010 to 2015 the team was managed by François-Xavier de Vaujany, who handed over to Stéphanie Dameron in the autumn of 2015. Their regular activities include research seminars held on the first Tuesday of every month, annual theme-specific research days, doctoral seminars, writing seminars and maintaining links with several different research chairs.

Between 2012 and mid-2017, around one quarter of the team were replaced with 6 new recruits (2 lecturers and 4 professors), five of whom replaced staff members who were retiring, with one transfer. These recruitments were mainly made in 2016, with the arrival of three new professors: Isabelle Bouty, Christophe Elie-dit-Cosaque and Julien Jourdan. Prof. Jourdan, who joined the team from Bocconi University, was the unit’s first international recruit to a permanent position at a senior level. This was done on a contractual basis.
The team’s output is diverse, but there has been a significant increase in the number of articles published in CNRS-ranked journals, including rank-1 international journals such as the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of MIS, Journal of Management Studies, Organisation Science and Organisation Studies. This did not prevent the team from publishing books and book chapters, in both English and French, with renowned publishers such as Cambridge University Press, Palgrave McMillan, and Routledge. These texts received several awards. One edited collection published during this period is indicative of the team’s work: F.X. De Vaujany, J.F. Chanlat & A. Hussenot (eds) 2016, Théories des organisations : nouveaux tournants, Economica.

The team also has a long-standing tradition of supporting doctoral research, which continued during this period. Since January 2012, 42 doctoral students successfully defended their theses, with 9 receiving awards for young researchers. Most of them have gone on to pursue academic careers at universities and business schools.