The Management & Organisation research team, a DRM member (UMR CNRS 7088), works on the topic of organisations and organised collective action. They study all kinds of organisations, both for-profit and not-for-profit. Their work contributes to managerial teaching and boasts several specialisations in management such as strategy, entrepreneurship, human resources management and information systems management.

The M&O team’s goal is to continue to expand internationally and establish the unit as a lead player in Europe in the field of organisational theory and as a key site for the development of innovative theories and models linked to social science and the economic sphere. They are committed to studying and understanding practices and processes underpinning social interactions in complete organised systems and aim to participate both critically and constructively to the debate in society about organisations and particularly about firms and their environment.
The ways in which organised collective actions are taken are being questioned extensively, with calls for new approaches: renewal of forms of competition with the development of complex networks of relationships between organisations and within the very structures of markets; renewal of management forms with restructured communities; and renewal of the associated management techniques and tools.

The objective is to shed light on the legitimation processes and shifts in the practices, behaviours and structures that shape organised collective action both within and between organisations and in terms of their environment by adopting a process-based approach, whether historical or dynamic.