Research topic 2

Essence and deviations of strategies and strategic processes as part of the economic transition

This research is based on the observation of a shift in the business models and governance models of organisations facing competition. This shift results in the transformation of strategies, in more or less well-defined forms, such as platform strategies. It also causes a change in the ways in which strategies are represented and modelled; research on business models is an illustration of this. Lastly, it requires us to reconsider processes of strategic reflection via the social interactions both internally and externally that underpin decisions (more or less deliberated, more or less emerging), as well as the formalisations and discourses used by strategy practitioners in communicating with their stakeholders.

Researchers involved in this programme


Project topic

Anticipated funding

Stéphanie Dameron
Lionel Garreau

Open strategy: cooperation, sensitive information, construction of meaning, and decision-making processes

IESO Chair

Isabelle Bouty

On being strategic and organisational: from the field to the actor in the field

Long-term empirical study on fine dining/Michelin-starred restaurants; collaboration between ESSEC and Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne…

Eric Brousseau

Transformation of governance in digital economies

IRIS “Governance Analytics” / Governance and Regulation chair

Fabien Blanchot

Dynamics of strategic alliances

Association of strategic alliances professionals (ASAP)

Henri Isaac

Platformisation and strategic management of platforms
Data, value & business models

IESO Chair

Governance & Regulation

Serge Perrot

Transmission of leadership
Informal learning


Julien Jourdan

Legitimacy and strategy

Collaboration with R. Durand (HEC Paris) and Patricia H. Thornton (Texas A&M U.)

Scandals, reproached behaviours, hidden practices and strategy

Collaboration with Alessandro Piazza (Columbia U.)

Doctoral researchers involved in this programme

This work involves an average of around 10 doctoral researchers. Those currently participating are: Marie Joachim, Olivier Sibony, Nicolas Lepercq, Myriam Benabid, Alexis Laszczuck, Sea Matilda Bez (joint supervision), Julie Mayer, Théophile Megali, Amanda Moeira Alves, Agnieszka Majewska, and Dianzhuo Zhu.