Research topic 4

Ontologies, methodologies and epistemologies of management

The three research programmes described above call for a revision of our research designs in a way that accounts for processes and practices at a micro level, as well as institutional, societal and political transformations at a macro level. They also raise questions about the very notion of the level of analysis or the strata of transformations in collective activities. They must draw on contemporary technological capacities to include the masses of data that can now be processed. This shift in research design is accompanied by a process of reflection about the nature of the knowledge produced in this way.

Researchers involved in this programme


Project topic

Grégor Bouville

Mixed methods research

Henri Isaac

Representation of competition dynamics and decision-making tools

Serge Perrot

A proposed new multidimensional measurement scale of role tensions at work

Julien Jourdan

Social media data and the dynamics of scandals: An exploratory study

Eric Brousseau

Meta-analysis of governance data

Hèla Yousfi

Challenges of ethnographic research in times of crisis

Anthony Hussenot

Theoretical and methodological approaches in process studies: the event-based approach

François-Xavier de Vaujany

Analysis of main ontologies in management and organisational theories
Relationships between post-Marxist approaches, practical approaches and process-based approaches in management
Exploring the phenomenology and political approach of Merleau-Ponty
Relationship between organisational ethnography and self-ethnography

Lionel Garreau

Research journal and observation
Study of methods facilitating researcher engagement in the field

Doctoral researchers involved in this programme

This work involves an average of five doctoral researchers. Those currently participating are: Alexis Laszczuck, Anouk Mukherjee, and Aurore Dandoy.