Curriculum vitae

Zhu Dianzhuo

PhD Student


Dianzhuo joins DRM-M&O in December, 2015 as a PHD candidate, under the supervision of professor Eric Brousseau. She got a CIFRE contrat (co-financed by the French government and a private company for practical researches) in Feburary 2017 and collaborated ever since with a ride sharing start up. She is interested in the behavior of sharing economy participants, taking ride sharing as an example, and what can be learned for the sector. She focuses on experimental methods, especially field experiments in her thesis, but also applies other methodologies whichever better fits interesting research questions emerged from the field. 

Latest publications


Zhu D. (2017), More generous for small favour? Exploring the Role of Monetary and Pro-Social Incentives of Daily Ride Sharing Using a Field Experiment in Rural Île-de-France, DigiWorld Economic Journal, vol. 108, n°4, p. 77-97

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