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Jourdan Julien

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Office : P441
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Julien JOURDAN is a Professor of strategy in the Department of Management and Organisation at PSL-Paris Dauphine University. He has a PhD in Strategic Management from HEC Paris and held academic positions at Imperial College London and Bocconi University. His research on the strategic implications of organizational financing and resource acquisition, conformity, and social valuation appears in prominent scientific journals, including American Journal of Sociology and Academy of Management Journal. He is a member of the DRM research center at Paris-Dauphine, affiliated to the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). He is also a founding member of the Society & Organization (SnO) research center at HEC Paris. Before joining academia, Julien worked as an executive for Warner Bros. Pictures (TimeWarner).

Latest publications


Piazza A., Jourdan J. (2018), When the Dust Settles: The Consequences of Scandals for Organizational Competition, Academy of Management Journal, vol. 61, n°1, p. 165-190

Jourdan J. (2018), Institutional Specialization and Firm Survival : Theory and Evidence From the French Film Industry, Strategy Science, vol. 3, n°2, p. 408-425

Fini R., Jourdan J., Perkmann M. (2018), Social valuation across multiple audiences: The interplay between ability and identity judgments, Academy of Management Journal, vol. 61, n°6, p. 2230-2264

Jourdan J., Kivleniece I. (2017), Too Much of a Good Thing? The Dual Effect of Public Sponsorship on Organizational Performance, Academy of Management Journal, vol. 60, n°1, p. 55-77

Jourdan J., Durand R., Thornton P. (2017), The Price of Admission: Organizational Deference as Strategic Behavior, American Journal of Sociology, vol. 123, n°1, p. 232-275

Durand R., Szostak B., Jourdan J., Thornton P. (2013), Institutional Logics as Strategic Resources, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, vol. 39, n°A, p. 165–201

Durand R., Jourdan J. (2012), Jules or Jim : Alternative Conformity to Minority Logics, Academy of Management Journal, vol. 55, n°6, p. 1295–1315

Chapitres d'ouvrage

Jourdan J. (2019), The Institutional Footprint of Organizations, in A. Adrot, F.X. de Vaujany, E. Boxenbaum, B. Leca, Materiality in Institutions: Spaces, Embodiment and Technology in Management and Organization, Basingstoke: Palgrave, p. 53–72

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