Since 2009, the MOST team has brought together researchers, teaching staff and doctoral students from various management disciplines (accounting, management control, strategic management, marketing, organisational theory) and is intent on pursuing and further developing its research in the field of critical management studies.
All team members share a common research approach which reinforces their project in the following ways:

  • Contextualising their research subjects in a way that identifies their central problematics and using research methodologies that account for historical, cultural, social, political and economic dimensions as broadly as possible and favour analysis of the interactions between the different levels of analysis (Micro – Meso – Macro).
  • A critical and reflexive research stance designed to challenge everything that has been taken for granted in management technologies, unveil the dynamics at work in the construction of markets and organisations, and challenge the underlying managerial ideologies in the ways organised collective action is regulated.
  • Developing theoretical and practical knowledge that is accessible to society and takes into account all stakeholders in the different roles of research (production, dissemination, knowledge promotion). This means the various spheres and locations of academic activity are all concerned: the research community, academic institutions and teaching activities, the public sphere and the media.

The team’s research dynamic is based on its interdisciplinarity, its efforts to generate spaces for the exchange of ideas and research-sharing, and its commitment to collective research projects.
These governance approaches and collective initiatives will be strengthened in the future and will serve to develop our research programme. Academic output with strong visibility, ongoing contributions to the research community both nationally and internationally, and promotion of our research to a wide audience remain the team’s central objectives for the years to come. We are currently recruiting an international researcher on a 3-year contract (Nov 2017 – Nov 2020). This is just one of the ways in which we intend to reinforce the international scope of our research programme, especially within the critical management studies community. 
More specifically, over the 2017-2022 period the MOST research programme will be developed by:

  • narrowing its research focus around two core topics,
  • uniting the group of researchers through their disciplinary synergies in respect of these two topics,
  • strengthening the national and international visibility of its work through improved academic and institutional networking.

The consolidation period for the MOST academic project (2012-2017) has established a research programme which from 2017 to 2022 will have a tighter focus on two core topics that will unite all team members.