Curriculum vitae

Bancou Leo


Dernières publications


Bancou L., de Vaujany F-X. (2023), Remote Work as Deleuzian Cinematography: Organizationality Beyond the Frame, puntOorg International Journal, vol. 8, n°1, p. 96-103

Chapitres d'ouvrage

Bancou L., de Vaujany F-X., Pérezts M., Aroles J. (2023), On the Way to Experience with the Phenomenological Venture of Management and Organization: A Literature Review, in François-Xavier de Vaujany, Jeremy Aroles, Mar Perézts, The Oxford Handbook of Phenomenologies and Organization Studies, Oxford: Oxford University Press, p. 237–C12.P297

Communications avec actes

Bancou L. (2021), Co-presence in hybrid work. Exploring the new modalities of co-presence through processual phenomenology, in , EGOS, 28 p.

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