Curriculum vitae

Fuller Matthew


Dernières publications

Communications avec actes

Thuillier A., Fuller M., David A. (2017), Moving to higher ground: building innovation capabilities to overcome conceptual biases in new product development, in , IPDM Conference

Fuller M., David A. (2017), Making nothing or something: corporate Fab Labs seen through their objects as they cross organizational boundaries, in , IPDMC, IPDM Conference

Communications sans actes

Thuillier A., Fuller M., David A. (2018), Desingning to decide : conceptual architecture of innovative projects proposals analysis and managerial implication, European Academy of Management, Reykjavík, Islande

Fuller M., David A. (2016), Resetting innovation capabilities: the emergence of corporate fab labs, 23rd Innovation and Product Development Management Conference (IPDM), Glaqgow, Royaume-Uni

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