Actualités de l'équipe

M&R, MOST, Séminaire

Bobby Banerjee

17 mai 2018
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MOST, Atelier doctoral

Marcela Murarova, Aymeline Rousseau et Clarence Bluntz

3 mai 2018
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MOST, Atelier doctoral

Elodie Garlot-Falguieres, Raphaël Olivier et Lan Anh Hoang

12 avril 2018
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MOST, Séminaire

Detlev Krige

12 avril 2018
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MOST, Atelier doctoral

Léa Dorion, Aymeline Rousseau et Olivier Gauthier

29 mars 2018
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8th Dauphine Philosophy Workshop (DPW) #DPW2024
Beyond judgement and legitimation: Reconceptualizing the ontology of institutional dynamics in MOS

When: June, 6th 2024

Where: Université Paris Dauphine-PSL & Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) UPD, Paris


14th Organizations, Artifacts & Practices (OAP) Workshop #OAP2024
AI and the Artificialities of Intelligence: What matters in and for organizing?

When: June 6th and 7th 2024

Where: Paris (ESSEC & Université Paris Dauphine-PSL). Face-to-face event.

Call for paper


Program 7th SSE-Dauphine Phenomenology Workshop #DPW2023

When: April 20th and 21st 2023

Where: Université Paris-Dauphine | PSL


13th Organization Artifacts & Practices (OAP) workshop #OAP2023
Historicity in Organization Studies: Describing events and actuality at the borders of our present

When: June 9-10th 2023

Where: Barcelona (ESADE). Face-to-face event.


Call for paper


First IC2O workshop
American and Continental Philosophies of Organizing: Discontinuities and Continuities on the Way to Problems and Ordinariness

When: June 13th 2022

Where: New York University Stern


12th Organization Artifacts & Practices (OAP) workshop #OAP2022
Posthumanist organizing and posthumanist management: History or becoming?

When: June, 22nd-24th 2022

Where: Stanford University