The Rise of Digital Management : From Industrial Mobilization to Platform Capitalism

17 avril 24

François-Xavier de Vaujany

This book analyzes the history of management, placing it in perspective with both American history and the genealogy of digital technology. Focusing on the years of industrial mobilization in the United States (from 1937 to 1945) and their extension into the Cold War, it shows in particular how “scientific management” was reconfigured and relegitimized in favor of a new, profoundly American geopolitics. In a context where the future was at a standstill, this research also explains what became of the managerial processes at the heart of capitalism from the 40s onwards, the shift from a managerial capitalism of calculation to a narrative capitalism made up of "desiring machines". This digital management no longer simply contributes, along with others, to unveiling and revealing the future. Aligned with the American obsession with novelty, it is the very process of revelation and unveiling, with managers and consumers alike becoming the intersecting subjects of desires borne of managerial apocalypses. To explore this period of American history, the author has combined a triple narrative anchored in three types of archives: an intimate history of this reconfiguration from the presence in New York of Saint-Exupéry, Burnham and Wiener; A description of the great historical moment of industrial mobilization; a philosophical speculation about reconfiguration and its links to American history.

Titre: The Rise of Digital Management : From Industrial Mobilization to Platform Capitalism, (2024)

Auteur: François-Xavier de Vaujany

Editeur: Routledge

Nb. de pages: 248 pages

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