About us

The MOST team currently includes 22 research and teaching staff members and 2 associate researchers from various specialist fields in management science (Accounting/Management control/Auditing; Strategic Management; Marketing; Organisational Theory), and also hosts 21 doctoral researchers working as part of a critical study of management.

The team’s regular activities include running a monthly research seminar, theme-specific research days and doctoral seminars, as well as hosting guest professors and contributing to the cross-disciplinary activities of the DRM laboratory, in particular its Organisation unit. Between 2012 and 2017, our team dynamic has consolidated the identity and visibility of our academic work, both nationally and internationally...For more information

Key events in the life of the team from 2012 to 2017

Research funding

Significant efforts were dedicated to securing complementary research funding, with four grants obtained by team members during this period:

  • ANR ABRIR (2012-2017), “L’art pour repenser les mutations critiques des organisations : enjeux pour l’art et le management”, Budget: €234,300, academic coordinator: V. Perret
  • PSL C2O (2015-2017), “Cognition des Capacités Organisationnelles”, Budget: €53,000, academic coordinator: C. Depeyre
  • PSL (2014-2016), “Institutional Work, Management and Legal Categories”, Budget: €30,000, DRM academic coordinator: I. Huault
  • ANR IMpACT (2014-2017), “Travail Institutionnel, Management et Catégories Légales”, Budget: €400,000, DRM academic coordinator: I. Huault

With the objective of knowledge transfer and joint knowledge production by developing teaching modules and tools, G. Nogatchewsky and P. Labardin secured a €40,000 PSL grant for “pedagogy of research through creation”, which since 2016 has funded experimentation with innovative pedagogical methods (http://artefacts.dauphine.fr) as part of a second-year Masters programme training future researchers at Dauphine.
Support from the “Ethics and corporate governance” chair, with academic oversight since 2012 by N. Berland and O. Charpateau, has also made it possible to finance several research missions and activities conducted by team members.
Promoting research and the institution’s reputation
The significant involvement of MOST team members at an institutional level (DRM, Dauphine, PSL) has further strengthened the reputation of its research programme. Examples include:

  • Hosting the 36th European Accounting Association conference in 2013 at Dauphine;
  • Hosting the 24th Conférence de l’Association Internationale de Management Stratégique in 2015 at Dauphine, alongside other members of the Organisation unit;
  • Awarding honorary doctorates to two accounting professors, David Cooper (University of Alberta) and Peter Miller (LSE), in 2015.