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DRM (CNRS mixed research unit no. 7088) was established on 1 January 2005 and is one of France’s largest management science research centres. It covers marketing, strategy, finance, organisational theory, human resources management, information systems and innovation, as well as accounting and auditing. 

DRM is a generalist research laboratory that is built on diversity, both in terms of its theoretical roots and the issues it covers and its quantitative and/or qualitative methods. The academic strategy currently being pursued is to strengthen DRM as a management science research unit of the highest standards. The department also contributes to the strategic positioning of Université Paris-Dauphine, with a focus on the organisational sciences.

Since September 2015 the laboratory has been run by Nicolas Berland, Professor in management at Université Paris-Dauphine. In 2017, it includes no fewer than 95 research and teaching staff members, including researchers from the CNRS, as well as 109 Ph.D. students and 8 postdocs.

The activities of DRM are structured around 3 units offering 5 research programmes:

  • Finance unit, which runs a research programme in finance. Head: Carole Gresse
  • Marketing unit, which runs a programme on marketing strategy (ERMES). Head: Denis Guiot
  • Organisation unit, which runs the following research programmes:
    • Management and Organisation (M&O). Head: Stéphanie Dameron
    • Critical management studies (MOST: Markets – Organisations – Societies – Technologies). Head: Véronique Perret
    • Innovation-MLab. Head: Sébastien Damart


The life of the department is also structured around cross-disciplinary activities run by official bodies (5 chairs, 2 circles, 2 initiatives and 3 centres) and since 2011 has benefited from a research support tool in the form of an innovative experimental laboratory.

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22.03.2019 14:28
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22.03.2019 14:28
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22.03.2019 14:28
Un regard croisé de la gestion des différences selon les contextes nationaux pour permettre la mise en place de politiques qui font sens...
22.03.2019 14:28


DRM - Infos recense en début de mois les événements programmés dans les différentes équipes de recherche:
DRM-Infos n°86 (Mars 2019)

La lettre de DRM informe deux fois par an sur les publications, activités et projets de ses membres:
La lettre de DRM (Décembre 2018)

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